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Resource Library

Bulletin Inserts

Advent 1

Advent 2

Advent 3
Advent 4

Printed Resources - PDF Versions

2011 Offering Guide  - NOTE: this is a very large file
2011 Poster

Microsoft Word Resources- RTF Format

Christmas Fund Letter from Michael Downs

Introduction to the Christmas Fund

Christmas Fund Advent Mission Statement

Christmas Fund Advent Prayers of Dedication

Christmas Fund Story - Bulletin Insert 1  

Christmas Fund Story - Bulletin Insert 2

Christmas Fund Story - Bulletin Insert 3 

Christmas Fund Story - Bulletin Insert 4


PowerPoint Resources

Candle Lighting Week 1
Candle Lighting Week 2
Candle Lighting Week 3
Candle Lighting Week 4
Candle Lighting Christmas Eve
Candle Lighting Christmas Day

Responsive Reading
Prayers of Dedication
Responsive Reading - General Use



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