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The Pension Boards-UCC knows that one of the greatest financial and emotional risks you face is the possibility of needing long-term care. The risks and associated costs are simply too great to ignore. We have selected LTC Financial Partners, the nation’s leading provider of this important coverage, to provide education on the need for long-term care and available coverage options.

Enrollment for long-term care insurance will be offered to active and retired UCC clergy and lay employees and their family members May 7-August 7, 2012. Employees who began their first UCC employment after May 15, 2009 may also be eligible for simplified underwriting.

To learn more, visit the LTC Financial Partners website or call LTC toll-free at 1.866.471.4072, ext. 2305.


DISCLAIMER: Long-term care coverage is offered by LTC Financial Partners and insurance companies it represents and not by the Pension Boards. The Pension Boards does not administer, provide or guarantee the payment of long-term care benefits offered by LTC Financial Partners and insurance companies it represents. Insurance company participation in the long-term care marketplace, in general, and in the LTC program, in particular, is subject to change at any time and is not, and cannot be, controlled by the Pension Boards.

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