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Stable Value Fund





Preserve principal investment and earn a stable rate of return.
Suitable for investors with a short-time horizon (3 years or less)
whose primary objective is to preserve savings.


Invests in a diversified group of high quality, fixed income investments
which are held by the plan within contracts that are intended to minimize
market volatility in addition to investment contracts of high credit-worthy
insurance companies and short-term money market investments.


Pension Boards Fixed Income Group with sub-advisory agreement with BNY Mellon Stable Value.


Expenses (or expense ratios) are reported as the percentage of total expenses for the management and administration of the Pension Boards’ Stable Value Fund and will vary annually.  There are no sales commissions, 12b-1 fees, or load charges.  Fees as a percent of assets in 2013 were 0.53%.

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