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Getting Started

Welcome to the new Pension Boards web site!

This site is designed to provide you with greater access to your accumulation account information; annuity benefits; health and dental coverage; life insurance and disability coverage; and other information about the benefits available to UCC employees through the Pension Boards. 

Below are instructions on how to login to the new PBUCC web site, along with sample pages to illustrate what you will see as you go through the log in process. Please read these instructions carefully.

Step 1 - Accessing Site

On the upper left corner of the home page (as shown in the sample home page in Figure 1, below), you’ll see two links: one for “Member” and another for “Guest.”

Image of Home Page

Figure 1


Step 2 - Logging In to the Member Area

Members Only

You must log in to gain access to your protected account information. Your login screen will be similar to that shown in the sample in Figure 2 (below).

Image of Login Page

Figure 2

If your login credentials are inaccurate, you’ll receive a message saying:

The E-mail/Member ID and Password you entered cannot be found. Please try again or contact Member Services at 1.800.642.6543, Option 6.


Step 3 - Email Address Verification/Validation

We want to be able to stay in touch with our members. When you log in for the first time, and periodically thereafter, you will be asked to verify your e-mail address. The sample web page shown in Figure 3 (below) will be displayed, showing you the e-mail address we currently have on file. If we do not have your e-mail address, the box will be blank. You may modify the address if needed or you may leave it blank. In either case, simply click the "Continue" button to be directed to the "Member" home page.

 Image of Email Verification

Figure 3

Step 4 - Changing Your Password

For security reasons, you’ll be prompted to change your password periodically. You may also change your password at anytime by clicking on "Change Your Password" under the "Member" link of the navigation bar after you have logged in. That will display a page similar to the sample shown in Figure 4 (below).

Image of Change Password Page

Figure 4

You’ll be asked to enter your login credentials, enter and verify a new password, select a password hint question and respond in order to change your password.

The password hint questions are:

The response is not case sensitive but must match in every other way when used to recover your password (see "Password Recovery," below).


Step 5 - Password Recovery

You may use your seven-digit Member ID or e-mail address along with your password hint question and response to recover your password via e-mail.

You may access the password recovery page from the login page by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password” link. That will display a page similar to the one shown in the sample in Figure 5, below.

Image of Password Recovery Page

Figure 5

Once you enter your e-mail address or Member ID, the form will allow you to select your question and provide the hint response, which is not case sensitive. After entering the correct information, the password will be sent to you via e-mail.


After you log in to the web site, you’ll be shown your personal home page.

In Process

Please note: In response to initial focus group feedback, we are currently developing a text sizing function, which will enable visitors to the site to click on a link to increase or decrease the way text appears. In the meantime, if you wish to modify the size of the text on your screen, please use the text sizing function found in your web browser (most commonly under the “View” link in the navigation menu).

We hope you will find the new Pension Boards site to be a significant enhancement over the previous site. We intend for this new site to be a dynamic tool, evolving constantly to meet the needs of members. 

We welcome your feedback and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you.

If you're ready to begin, click PBUCC HOME now to be directed to the live home page and choose either the "Member" or "Guest" link on the navigation bar.

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