UCC Medical Benefits Plan

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Health Plan COVID-19 Resources

All UCC coverage (health, pharmacy, dental, and vision benefits) remains in place, with no discontinuation or interruption in service.

The following COVID -19 cost share waivers have been extended through March 31, 2021:

  • COVID-19 antibody testing is available at no cost to participants in the UCC Non Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans. The UCC Health plan will cover COVID-19 antibody testing with no member cost share when prescribed by a physician. Antibody testing involves a blood test which is different than the nasal swab involved in COVID-19 diagnostic testing.
  • COVID-19 testing, which is available currently at no cost to participants in the UCC Non-Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plan with Rx, now includes other tests (e.g., flu tests, blood tests, etc.) that are deemed medically appropriate to determine the need for the COVID-19 diagnostic test. Please contact Highmark Member Service at 1.866.763.9471 with any questions.
  • Currently, all in-network deductibles, co-insurance and co-payments are waived for participants in the UCC Non-Medicare and Medicare Supplement with Rx Health Plans who require hospitalization following a positive test for COVID-19.
  • The normal copay for telemedicine services through Teladoc is also waived at this time.

If you have any questions, or experience any problems with your health coverage, please contact us at 1.800.642.6543.

Mental and Emotional Wellness in a Time of Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives in every way – ministry, family life and relationships, caregiving, finances, increased stress and anxiety, and more. Your UCC Health Plan has a number of mental health resources to assist participants and their covered dependents in coping with the impact of COVID in healthier ways.

  • Mental health and substance abuse services are available through the Non-Medicare Health Plan and Medicare Advantage Plan w/Rx, at the same coverage levels, copayments, and coinsurance levels as physical care. Please check the Plan Highlights booklet for your plan for more information about your coverage.
  • For Non-Medicare Health Plan participants, the Member Assistance Program through Health Advocate provides resources and guidance to help members cope in these unprecedented conditions. Health Advocate also offers short-term counseling. Visit their website or call 1.877.240.6863.
  • Teladoc, the Plan’s telemedicine partner, also provides behavioral health services. Visit the Teladoc website or call 1.800.TELADOC (1.800.835.2362). The normal $10 copay for telemedicine services is waived at the present time.

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The UCC Medical Benefits Plan offers a schedule of comprehensive benefits to assist participants in maintaining healthy lifestyles, with emphasis on preventive care, wellness, and chronic condition management. The Plan offers flexibility and choice, including:

  • Four Medical Plan options (Plans A, B, C, and HSA) that offer varying levels of benefits and premiums to fit each participant's individual needs
  • A Medicare Advantage Plan with Rx for Medicare-eligible participants 
  • Access to nationwide Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) for cost-effective medical and pharmacy care, as well as flexibility for the participant to use in-network or out-of-network providers

We are pleased to partner with the following vendors to provide Plan participants with greater access to care through nationwide provider networks:

Participants or interested applicants with additional questions are encouraged to contact a Health Services Representative by calling 1.800.642.6543.