CREDO is a holistic wellness benefit that offers clergy space and resources to examine significant areas of their lives and discern prayerfully the future direction of their vocation as they respond to God’s call in a lifelong process of practice and transformation.

What is CREDO’s history?

For more than 20 years, Episcopal and Presbyterian leaders have benefited from the CREDO program offered by their respective pension groups. Nearly, 8,000 Episcopalian and Presbyterian clergy have attended a CREDO seminar. Since 2015, the Pension Boards-United Church of Christ, Inc. (PBUCC) has worked in partnership with them and has contracted with the Episcopal Church Pension Group to provide all administrative functions of PBUCC CREDO.

What happens at a PBUCC CREDO seminar?

A holistic understanding of wellness is the cornerstone of the CREDO process. Seminars include a carefully-crafted blend of learning opportunities and activities that support an experiential learning model. The design seeks to honor each person and recognizes that participants have different needs and learning styles.  

During the week, there are large group gatherings and opportunities for more intimate discussions with a select small group. Faculty-led workshops and plenaries are enhanced by the chance to fully engage experienced faculty members in one-on-one consultations.

Each seminar is interspersed with times of listening, questioning, and learning, as well as quiet times for reflection, worship, and contemplation. Space is provided for physical activity, relaxed socializing, and opportunities for fun, laughter, and joy.

With the help of an experienced faculty team, you will build a CREDO Covenant for personal growth throughout the week.  Your CREDO Covenant is one you’ll take home with you and carry in your heart, where it will inspire intentional practice and continued growth, guiding you in the years ahead.

How does CREDO define wellness?

The PBUCC CREDO program is a holistic wellness benefit for eligible members of the Pensions Boards’ Annuity and Medical Plans. PBUCC CREDO concentrates on four interrelated dimensions of wellness which helps participants examine and evaluate each area of their lives:

  Spiritual   CREDO offers you a sacred space to contemplate your interior life and relationship with God in Christ, and to experience God’s deep love for you.
  Vocational   CREDO helps you discern more clearly who God calls you to be and how to live that call with integrity, energy, and hope.
  Physical and Psychological Health   CREDO helps you reflect on your physical and psychological well-being, supports stewardship of your body, and helps you develop a plan to address your health needs.
  Financial   CREDO helps you learn to be a better steward of your personal financial resources and discern how to use them in response to God’s call.

What do past participants have to say about the experience?

Pearls for the Journey [insert link: ] is a series of articles in which PBUCC CREDO participants share a key truth, an insightful moment, or offer a pearl of wisdom gleaned from their week-long PBUCC CREDO Seminar experience. We hope these stories inspire you and provide key takeaways – or perhaps an “aha!” moment – that speaks to you personally.

Who is eligible to attend a PBUCC CREDO Seminar?

Authorized Ministers in the United Church of Christ who

  • are members of both the Pension Boards’ Annuity Plan and UCC Medical Plan
  • are between the ages of 30 and 58
  • have at least three years of membership/service

Why is the invitation list limited in this way?

The Pension Boards serves its members through a variety of benefits programs.  It was determined that for the launch of CREDO, the focus would be mid-career clergy.  If additional resources come available, it is expected that the invitation list would also expand.

Who are the faculty at PBUCC CREDO seminars?

A diverse team of faculty leads each CREDO seminar. They are selected based on their gifts as mentors and teachers in one of the wellness components: church vocation, physical health, personal finance, and spirituality or psychological health. This group of eight persons leads as a team, sharing plenary and workshop presentations. Faculty members guide participants in a visioning and discernment process and are available throughout the seminar for individual consultations.  Faculty members come from across the country and are affiliated with the United Church of Christ. 

What are my responsibilities?

In return for PBUCC’s investment in you, you will be expected to participate in the full seven days of the seminar; 10-20 hours of pre-seminar self-assessment; a post-seminar evaluation; and the self-guided follow-up program.  Arriving late or departing early are not options.

Where should I go to get more information?

For information about the seminars in general, contact the Pension Boards-United Church of Christ via the website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For information about the application process or once you are a confirmed participant, contact the Church Pension Group CREDO office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1.888.274.2828.

For information about the United Church Board for Ministerial Assistance or the benefit plans and programs offered through the Pension Boards, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..