EYFPS: NEW Opt-In Texting Service

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Don't miss another important financial action.

EY's new text feature alerts you to financial wellness actions quickly, easily and at no cost to you.

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Yellow BulletSign up is easy.  Just text "EYPlanning PBUCC" to 313131 and begin receiving your financial planning texts, or call your financial planner to get started.

Yellow BulletHow it works.  Each month we'll send up to four text messages directly to your mobile device.  You'll only receive text alerts that are right for you, including financial planning topics and actions to consider, important PBUCC benefit information, and reminders about upcoming financial wellness webinars.

Yellow BulletYour information is safe with us.  EY doesn't sell products and we won't sell your number so you never have to worry about spam texts.  Plus, you can opt out of the texting service anytime by texting, "STOP EYPlanning."

Yellow BulletNeed more information?  Call the EY Financial Planner Line® for technical support in signing up or if you'd like more one-on-one financial support.

Contact an EY financial planner.  As always, your financial planner is ready to help.  Log on to the EY Financial Planning Center® at pbucc.eyfpc.com or call the EY Financial Planner Line® at 1 877 927 1047.

Stay on track with important financial actions.

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Opt-in texting: Text "EYPlanning PBUCC" to 313131

The EY comprehensive financial wellness program is offerred by PBUCC at no cost to you.