"For more than a century, the Pension Boards has provided for those who serve our United Church of Christ. Now, with coming waves of challenge for many in our denominational family, we choose to act boldly and shape how we care for one another.

The 'Generations of Service: Faith and Finance in Action' $20.000.000 Capital Funds Campaign is designed to meet the needs of clergy and lay church workers now and into the future by eBRBnhancing services provided through the United Church Board for Ministerial Assistance to current and future retirees, building our leadership programs, and improving the financial wellness of those in ministry."

- Brian R. Bodager, President & CEO
The Pension Boards-United Church of Christ, Inc.
and The United Church Board for Ministerial Assistance, Inc.

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Floyd2$10,000,000 to enhance direct support for current and future UCC retirees across the spectrum of existing grants
Dawkins $7,500,000 to fund sustainable ministry and leadership initiatives.
Goodwin2 $2,500,000 to improve the financial wellness of UCC authorized ministers through the Ministers' Financial Vitality Initiative

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