CREDO BotelerPearls for the Journey: Get Wisdom
By Rev. Jenny Boteler*

Recently, I moved to Wyoming after nine months of wandering due to discontent with ministry. My hopes were to get a sense of future for ministry and retirement. I also wanted to gain some new understandings that allowed a fresh approach to parish ministry. When I received The Pension Boards-United Church of Christ CREDO (PBUCC CREDO) brochure, I was excited. This looked exactly like what I was needing.

PBUCC CREDO addressed all the areas they promised to cover. The vocational wellness piece was very eye-opening and gave me a fresh approach to time management and emotional care within the framework of doing ministry and living life. Actually, all four wellness components (spiritual, vocational, financial, and psychological and physical health) worked together well in giving me a hopeful sense of future. It allowed me to think outside the box I had created for the past 30 years. I also really appreciated being able to meet with a PBUCC pension representative and crunch some numbers towards my retirement.

A key turning point came towards the end of the Seminar when I met with the Rev. Dr. Jane Heckles, Coordinator for PBUCC CREDO, concerning vocational direction and goals. I was concerned that I may have to keep working until I was 70 to be financially viable. But, that one-on-one time with her was invaluable! It opened up all sorts of options and possibilities that I had not seen for myself before.
Her wise suggestions for part-time ministries that centered around my passions and skills were extremely helpful. For the first time in a very long time, I walked away from our meeting with confidence and hope for my ministry and my future.

PBUCC CREDO was revitalizing! It allows space and time to gain fresh perspectives for walking with God and serving God's people. I came away hopeful and with some great new tools to help me live, breathe and serve more fully.


PBUCC CREDO is a holistic wellness benefit that offers clergy space and resources to examine significant areas of their lives and discern prayerfully the future direction of their vocation as they respond to God’s call in a lifelong process of practice and transformation.

The CREDO experience is anchored in a week-long Seminar and includes a pre-Seminar assessment and post-Seminar resources so that participants can deepen their commitment to lifelong wellness. Learn more about this program here

*The Rev. Jenny Boteler is Pastor of Union Congregational United Church of Christ in Green River, WY.