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Unlimited Access to Financial Planning Services

At no cost to you, the Pension Boards-United Church of Christ, Inc. (PBUCC) offers unlimited access to financial planning services through Ernst & Young Financial Planning Services (EYFPS) to all retired members of the Annuity Plan, with both annuitized and non-annuitized accounts, as well as to actively-contributing members. These services include EY Navigate™ and the EY Financial Planner Line (EYFPL). Read below for more information.

EY Navigate™ (formerly EY Financial Planning Center®) is a financial wellness service that helps you navigate your financial journey with information and tools for every stage of your life and career.  You can evaluate your financial position, reach your retirement planning goals, or learn how to manage other financial concerns such as managing debt, budgeting, or understanding complex tax issues.

Register for EY Navigate™ Now!

Visit the EY Navigate™ website at; click Get Started; and enter your 7-digit Member ID (without the hyphen); and follow the prompts.  Watch this video to learn more:

Ernst & Young Financial Planner Line (EYFPL)

Through the Ernst & Young Financial Planner Line (EYFPL), members can speak directly and confidentially with an EY financial planner, also at no cost to you. Financial planners are trained in topics of importance to Pension Boards members, including PBUCC-administered plans and programs. The financial planners deliver independent, objective, and confidential financial education and counseling, and can assist you with the following financial services:

  • Planning for retirement
  • Determining how much to save
  • Making investment decisions
  • Understanding tax issues
  • Budgeting
  • Insurance needs and options
  • Buying a home or car
  • Managing credit card and other debt
  • Financing college education
  • and more

EY financial planners do not sell investment or insurance products. They provide professional advice without sales pressure. To speak with a planner, call EYFPL at 1.877.927.1047, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (ET).

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