Free Death Benefit

United Church of Christ Free $10,000 Death Benefit for Seminary Students

What happens to your financial obligations if you should pass away while still a student? How will your responsibility be met? Now, by accepting a gift of life insurance coverage, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your beneficiary or beneficiaries can receive a $10,000 support payment in the event of your death while a seminary student.


If you are a full-time seminary student who is a Member in Discernment, you are eligible to have this $10,000 coverage. To take advantage of this coverage, complete an application signed by you and your Conference or Association. A completed application on file with the Pension Boards-United Church of Christ is all it takes to enroll.


Nothing! This benefit is a free gift to eligible seminary students.


This coverage is available from the time the completed application is received by the Pension Boards. Coverage ends when you graduate or when you are no longer recognized as a full-time seminary student who is a Member in Discernment.

Whom May I Name As a Beneficiary?

You are able to name an individual person or persons, a church or even a trust account as the recipient of the payment.

How Can I Enroll?

Click here to download an enrollment application for the Free Death Benefit.

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