Open Enrollment Available October 1-31 for UCC Dental Plan 750

CLICK HERE to download the Dental Plan 750 Schedule of Benefits Brochure

CLICK HERE to download a Dental Plan 750 Enrollment Application
As part of an ongoing commitment to provide UCC employees and churches with greater service, access and options, the Pension Boards is pleased to announce that an opportunity to enroll in the UCC Dental Plan 750 is available every year from October 1-31 to employees and retirees who do not currently have dental coverage, or who have coverage in a plan other than the UCC’s. Coverage will become effective at 12:01 a.m. on the January 1 following the enrollment period, and is available on a stand-alone basis, regardless of participation in the UCC (Non-Medicare) Health Benefits Plan or UCC Medicare Supplement Plan. The UCC Dental Plan offers 100% coverage for preventive care services, with no deductible or coinsurance.
Dental rates for the new year may be found in the Dental 750 Schedule of Benefits Brochure as well as on the Enrollment Application.
Coverage is available to:

  • individuals who are employed by a UCC church or UCC-related entity; and
  • retired clergy or lay employees who previously were employed by a UCC church or UCC-related entity.

After one year in Dental Plan 750, participants automatically upgrade to Dental Plan 2000, with enhanced benefits.


Payment in full must be enclosed at the time of enrollment. (Please refer to the Enrollment Application and Schedule of Benefits Brochure for the rate tiers.) Please make checks payable to: Pension Boards-UCC. Your application should be postmarked no later than October 31.

To learn more about the UCC Dental Plan and other Health Plan enhancements please contact Pension Boards’ Health Services Representative toll-free at 1.800.642.6543, ext. 2870.

We look forward to serving you through this Plan offering. Thank you for your interest in the UCC Dental Benefits Plan.