Health Care Reform

SP reformThe following provisions of the Affordable Care Act that become effective on January 1, 2014 are applicable to the UCC Medical Plan:

    • No lifetime or annual limits on benefits
      The UCC Medical Plan does not have any lifetime limit on benefit payments, and already meets a part of this requirement.
  • Extension of dependent coverage to age 26
    The UCC Medical Plan extends coverage to adult children of participants until the end of the month the adult child attains age 26 and subsequently offers a 24 month continuation of coverage option. Adult children may remain on the Plan beyond age 26 if they are permanently disabled, provided the disability occurred prior to their having reached age 26, and for whom you provide over half of their support.

  • No rescissions or cancellations of coverage based on claims
    The UCC Medical Plan has never cancelled any participant’s coverage due to the number of claims or the amount of dollars paid as benefits. This portion of the new legislation will have no effect on our Plan’s administration.

  • A plan may not impose any pre-existing condition exclusions
    The UCC Medical Benefits Plan does not exclude or limit benefits for pre-existing conditions for participants enrolled in the plan.

  • No waiting period greater than 90 days
    Effective January 1, 2014, employers may not impose a waiting period that exceeds 90 days. The present design of the UCC Medical Plan does not mandate any specific waiting period, but gives local churches and ministries the option of setting their own waiting period. On the effective date of this change, local churches and ministries will need to conform to the waiting period limitation.

In addition, there have been several emerging issues since the enactment of the ACA. Most notable is the expansion of Women’s Health Care Services. Preventive health services for women, including coverage for contraceptives, have been part of the UCC Medical Plan for many years. The Plan offers preventive services at 100% coverage, without payment of office co-pays or co-insurance. In addition, several years ago the Plan expanded coverage for maternity services for covered individuals.

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