Humana Benefit Kit

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Humana Customer Care Team
An introduction to Humana.
Download the Humana Customer Care Team
Enrollment Flyer
Provides retirees with information on how your electronic enrollment will work for your Humana plan.
Download the Enrollment Flyer
Medical Summary of Benefits
Provides a summary of what Humana covers and what retirees should expect to pay for services received. This doesn’t include every covered service, limitation, or exclusion.

Download the Medical Summary of Benefits

Medicare Advantage Plan Preauthorization and Notification List 
The list represents services and medications (i.e., medications that are delivered in the physician’s office, clinic, outpatient or home setting) that require preauthorization prior to being provided or administered.

Download a List of Services that Require Prior Authorization

Rx Summary of Benefits
Provides summary of Rx benefits associated with the plan. Includes copays, coinsurance, deductible, maximum out of pocket and services covered. This doesn’t include every covered service, limitation, or exclusion.
Download the Rx Summary of Benefits
Includes information about the plan, information on health management programs and FAQs.
Download the Guidebook
Prescription Drug Guide (Abbreviated)
List of the most common Drugs covered on the plan.
Download the Prescription Drug Guide
Member to Provider Flyer
This flyer provides information to the retiree’s provider about their coverage for the plan year. Information includes details about the retiree’s transitional PPO plan.
Download the Member to Provider Flyer
Prior Authorization Tip Sheet
Humana’s prior authorization approach supports optimal health, safety and financial wellness, and ensures that Medicare requirements are met.
Download the Prior Authorization Tip Sheet
Go365 Flyer
Introduction to the Go365 wellness program.
2022 Go365 Wellness Program Guide

Download the Go365 Flyer

Download the 2022 Go365 Wellness Program Guide
Silver Sneakers Flyer Download the Silver Sneakers Flyer
In-Home Wellness Assessment Download the IHWA Flyer