Available Assistance


Embodying the covenantal spirit of the United Church of Christ, we...
  • provide direct support to authorized ministers and lay church employees whose circumstances call for compassionate responses, and

  • offer specialized initiatives and insightful witness to promote sustainable ministry within the church

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 For Retirees or Persons on Disability  Leadership grants and i  For Active Ministers2

General Ministerial Assistance Policies

Attempt, but make no guarantee, that using all appropriate combinations of Ministerial Assistance, the income levels of retirees who meet all the eligibility requirements, including 30 years of dues paying service, will be brought up to a minimum level established annually. For 2019, that level is $32,400 for annuitants and $24,300 for surviving spouses/partners.

Except in extraordinary circumstances, no person, active or retired, is eligible for assistance if their total family income is in excess of the average salary of active clergy in the United Church of Christ, currently $59,338 (2018).

All sources of family income, including that of spouses/partners, must be included in the determination of eligibility for Ministerial Assistance.

Loss of United Church of Christ Authorized Ministerial Standing will terminate eligibility for all forms of Ministerial Assistance.

Ministerial Assistance may not replace funding from public assistance or other sources.

Requests for emergency assistance are made in consultation with Conference staff where the person holds authorization for ministry.