2024 Summer Internship Program

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Innovate to Drive Impact

The Pension Boards’ 2024 Summer Internship Program

Top Workplace Award

Innovation serves as a powerful force that propels business success within any organization. The Pension Boards’ Summer Internship Program annually cultivates creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration among a diverse group of interns candidates with varied skills and backgrounds.

Our Intern program paves the way for fresh ideas, ultimately driving organizational growth and improvement. In fact, to underscore this work and the effectiveness of our program, and our organizational-wide culture, intern candidates should know that the Pension Boards was named New York City’s Top Workplace for 2023!

Capstone Project

The summer intern Capstone Projects bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and diverse skill sets to the table. These projects provide a testing ground for new concepts, allowing the Pension Boards to explore potential avenues for growth and efficiency improvements, while giving interns a voice into the organization’s strategic development goals.

Capstone Example: The Pension Boards’ summer interns engaged in a cross-functional collaboration, to undertake and present a comprehensive implementation plan. Their goal was to examine how psychological behaviors, rooted in fixed mindsets, past trauma, adverse experiences, and familial upbringing, might influence and impact the financial decision-making of clergy.

The interns delved into the analysis of existing personal finance data pertaining to clergy within the United Church of Christ. They conducted interviews with a diverse range of clergy members, internal industry experts, and mental health professionals, aiming to shed light on distinct investor personality types as determined by behavioral patterns.

Their findings culminated in a presentation to the Pension Boards’ Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, where they proposed an advanced survey strategy. This strategy, to be spearheaded by prominent psychologists, would help to acquire the necessary data for substantiating their working hypothesis. Additionally, the interns explored several communication solutions designed to address the perceived personal finance behaviors.

Marketing and Communications Intern Emma Gun recounts her Capstone Project experience.

As a Pension Boards summer intern, you will help drive innovative change with a diverse team who bring a unique and distinct set of skills!

Here is what some of the interns shared:

“Not only do I get to work with four other enthusiastic and bright interns, but I also get to bring my own expertise to the table and efficiently collaborate. We were given a very broad Capstone Project, and I have loved seeing the interns creatively produce many different ways to look at the subject matter and present it.” — Emma Gun

“I was able to collaborate with my other interns for the intern Capstone Project, so there I was inspired by my peers and what we did and how we were able to work together, mesh together as a team.” —Wei Lin

“It was amazing to see how our different strengths came together to make something meaningful.” —Sean Wang

“I highly recommend this internship if you’re into being creative and also working hard, and being part of a really supportive, amazing team.” —Tahera Shaikh

How to Apply

The Pension Boards invites emerging leaders to apply for its exclusive Summer Internship Program (June to August). In this program, selected candidates will address real business challenges, create exciting possibilities and solutions, while driving impact for the organization's future growth initiatives.

Each year, we select the brightest students from some of the best colleges in the U.S. Selected interns will be empowered to lead with vision and creativity, challenge the organization’s “norm,” and offer strategic insight to inform the future strategic direction of the Pension Boards’ plans, services, or programs in core areas such as Analytics, Grants & Scholarships, Health Plans, Information Technology, Marketing and Communications, Member Services, Philanthropy/Fundraising, Investments, and more!

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