UCC Medical Benefits Plan

Mental and Emotional Wellness in a Time of Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives in every way – ministry, family life and relationships, caregiving, finances, increased stress and anxiety, and more. Your UCC Health Plan has a number of mental health resources to assist participants and their covered dependents in coping with the impact of COVID in healthier ways.

  • Mental health and substance abuse services are available through the Non-Medicare Health Plan and Medicare Advantage Plan w/Rx, at the same coverage levels, copayments, and coinsurance levels as physical care. Please check the Plan Highlights booklet for your plan for more information about your coverage.
  • For Non-Medicare Health Plan participants, the Member Assistance Program through Health Advocate provides resources and guidance to help members cope in these unprecedented conditions. Health Advocate also offers short-term counseling. Visit their website or call 1.877.240.6863.
  • Teladoc, the Plan’s telemedicine partner, also provides behavioral health services. Visit the Teladoc website or call 1.800.TELADOC (1.800.835.2362).

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The UCC Medical Benefits Plan offers a schedule of comprehensive benefits to assist participants in maintaining healthy lifestyles, with emphasis on preventive care, wellness, and chronic condition management. The Plan offers flexibility and choice, including:

  • Four Medical Plan options (Plans A, B, C, and HSA) that offer varying levels of benefits and premiums to fit each participant's individual needs
  • A Medicare Advantage Plan with Rx for Medicare-eligible participants 
  • Access to nationwide Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) for cost-effective medical and pharmacy care, as well as flexibility for the participant to use in-network or out-of-network providers

We are pleased to partner with the following vendors to provide Plan participants with greater access to care through nationwide provider networks:

Participants or interested applicants with additional questions are encouraged to contact a Health Services Representative by calling 1.800.642.6543.