Summer Intern Program: 2022 Cohort

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Learn how Intern Patience Akariza gained outside-the-classroom experiences while working with PBUCC. Read more.

Grants and Scholarships Intern Epiphany Larmey says it was "inspiring to see the reason behind the work through the stories of people who are really being served by PBUCC.” Read more.

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Philanthropy Intern Jonathan Ahn learned to monitor charitable donations and understand the donation process. Read more.

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Marketing and Communications Intern Partha Adhikari says, “The best part of this internship was the diversity in the group of interns. Each one belonged to a different field and brought a unique perspective towards the problem.” Read more.

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Internal Audit Intern Nandini Kolli was able to gain a new found confidence in herself through her work at PBUCC. Read more.

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Financial Planning Intern Alice Zhang says, “Knowing that my efforts made a difference is rewarding, as this journey solidified my interest in combining behavioral science with finance through financial planning.” Read more.

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Finance and Accounting Intern Sambodhi Vasani strengthened her accounting skills and gained experience working in an interconnected collaborative workspace during the Capstone Project. Read more.

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Investments Intern Joshua Boney discusses his experience as a PBUCC summer intern and how he was given autonomy for creativity as an individual contributor, and as part of the intern group. Read more.

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Information Technology Intern Nayana Mahajan used her skills in Python programming and Power BI analytics to resolve real-world business issues, while gaining confidence in her voice and opinions. Read more.

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Health Plans Intern Kim Depass shares PBUCC’s commitment to health by ensuring that all of its members have adequate healthcare options. Read more.