Policy for Faith & Finance


Faith and Finance
The Pension Boards’ Mission and Vision Statements affirm our unique ministry of providing benefits and services to the Church “from the intersection of faith and finance."  This is a key concept and core principle of PBUCC’s identity.

But what does that concept mean? How is it lived out in real terms within a more-than-century-old organization dedicated primarily to providing health and retirement services to clergy and lay church employees? What implications does it have for the wider faith community and a world so much in need of leadership, compassion, and love?

The intersection of faith and finance is both a theological/prophetic foundation for action and a compassionate and loving goal to be achieved, which will empower and enable leaders to provide trusted and valued ministry to future generations. The witness of PBUCC at the intersection of faith and finance is “sustainable investment” defined as the “double bottom line” objective of “doing good” for creation and humankind as measured by ESG criteria, and “doing well” with financial performance, measured by accepted benchmarks, for our members, stakeholders, and faith communities.

Faith and Finance Advisory Group
In 2016, The Pension Boards formed a Faith and Finance Advisory Group charged with developing a process for evaluating current and future products and services through a lens that integrates the Church’s values and the Pension Boards’ constitutional and covenantal mandates as an affiliated ministry of the UCC.  The formation of this Advisory Group grew out of the Pension Boards’ Policy for Faith and Finance, and developed as part of the organization’s strategic planning process.

The Faith and Finance Advisory Group meets twice a year, and includes representatives from the National, Conference, and congregational settings of the United Church of Christ, along with Pension Boards’ senior staff and Trustees.  

Policy for Faith and Finance
Read the Policy for Faith and Finance which describes faith and finance as the major differentiator between the Pension Boards and other benefits plan providers, and discusses the development of a “faith and finance filter” for new and existing products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions
Learn how faith and finance intersect in all areas of our work and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Mission Statement
Operating at the intersection of faith and finance, we are caring professionals partnering with those engaged in the life of the church to provide valued services leading to greater financial security and wellness.

Vision Statement
The Pension Boards delivers benefits and services from the intersection of faith and finance, providing clergy, lay employees, and all persons served with the peace of mind that comes through greater financial security and better health.