Equity Fund

Investment Objective:

The Equity Fund seeks to provide long-term growth of principal and income.

Investor Profile:

This Fund is suitable for investors who are willing to accept a greater degree of principal and income volatility for some portion of their assets than will be typical of the Stable Value Fund, the Bond Fund, the Sustainable Balanced Fund or the Target Annuitization Date Funds, in the pursuit of long-term growth. Over long periods of time, the return to investors in this Fund should exceed the return to investors in the other Funds. Over shorter periods of time, however, returns to investors in this Fund could be less than the returns to investors in the other Funds, and at times the returns from this Fund will be negative.

Fund Investments:

The Fund invests primarily in a broadly diversified portfolio of domestic and international equity securities further diversified by market capitalization, sector, and style. Alternative assets are permitted up to limits established by the Investment Committee, subject to approval by the Investment Committee. Alternatives may include private equity (buyouts, venture capital, distressed), real assets (real estate, timber and other natural resource based assets) and hedge fund strategies such as arbitrage, relative value , directional,  and event-driven strategies. Futures guidelines are provided in the Investment Guidelines.

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