Pension Boards Speakers Bureau

 Are you looking for a keynote speaker? Or for subject matter experts to lead a discussion or participate on a panel?

Introducing the Pension Boards Speakers Bureau

Pension Boards staff and Trustees, and other United Church of Christ leaders, are available to speak, lead workshops, and make presentations on a variety of topics of interest to those engaged in the life of the Church. 

The Pension Boards will cover all travel costs for meetings sponsored by UCC Covenanted Ministries, Conferences, and groups with a primary relationship with the United Church of Christ as described in the Bylaws of the United Church of Christ.

Speakers must be scheduled in advance and are subject to availability.
Additional speakers will be added once confirmed; please check back.

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Keynote Speakers

ACribbs 2 The Rev. Dr. Arthur L. Cribbs, Jr. is a UCC minister, justice advocate, and renowned journalist. Currently, he serves as Pastor of Los Angeles Filipino American United Church of Christ. He recently retired as Executive Director of Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, where he served from 2011-2017. He is a Trustee of the Pension Boards.
RFranklin 2 The Rev. Dr. Rodney A. Franklin is an ordained United Church of Christ minister and staff chaplain at University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Hospital. He has served in many leadership capacities throughout the UCC. He has served churches in Savannah, Georgia; Cleveland, Ohio; and Birmingham, Alabama, and has also served the national Church on the Wider Church Ministries Board and Global Ministries Board, and is Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Pension Boards and a Director of the United Church Board for Ministerial Assistance. 
dgoodwin Rev. Darrell L. Goodwin is an ordained United Church of Christ minister and member of the United Church of Christ Board. He currently serves as Associate Conference Minister for Tri-Conference Ministries (Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota). He also serves as Program Director of the Ministers' Financial Vitality Initiative, a program of the Pension Boards that provides resources and incentives to UCC clergy from underrepresented groups to assist them in achieving financial wellness.
CLytch 2 Rev. Dr. Carol E. Lytch is president of UCC-affiliated Lancaster Theological Seminary. An ordained minister with dual standing in the United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Church, USA, she is a frequent speaker on theological education, opportunities and challenges for mainline Protestant churches, and faith formation in young adults. Dr. Lytch is a Trustee of the Pension Boards.
strauch Mr. Joel E. Strauch, CFA, is a senior investment manager with more than three decades of experience in portfolio and client management. He was ordained to ministry in the United Church of Christ in 1973. A Pension Boards Trustee, he serves on the Board’s Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility Committees.
  Ms. Lan Cai, Deputy Chief Investment Officer – financial markets, economy, investments
  Rev. Dr. Jonathan B. Lee, Philanthropy Officer – faith and finance, stewardship, philanthropy, Philanthropy Officer – faith and finance, stewardship, philanthropy
  Mr. Andy Russell, Director of Fixed-Income Investments – green and social bonds, faith and finance, sustainable investing, and fixed income
  Rev. Richard E. Walters, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility – faith and finance, socially responsible investing, sustainability, shareholder advocacy

Topical Speakers

    • Mr. David A. Klassen, Chief Investment Officer – faith and finance, financial markets, economy, investments
    • Rev. Krista L. Betz, Director of Ministerial Assistance – Ministerial Assistance programs, Next Generation Leadership Initiative, CREDO, the Christmas Fund
    • Rev. Dr. Martha M. Cruz, Communications and Church Relations Officer – communications, media platforms for member outreach, strengthening relationships with the wider Church, spirituality
    • Mr. Frank Loiacono, Director, Health Plan Operations – health plans, benefit enhancements, wellness initiatives
    • Mr. Thomas Nolan, Chief Information Officer – cybersecurity, technology