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Financial Foundation

Building Your Financial Foundation

Money-do List: Your Guide to Financial Goals
Ready, set, go(al).

The gender gap and retirement
7 risks to women's savings—and how to mitigate them

Protecting yourself from financial infidelity
Transparency is key to a solid financial relationship.

What is Financial Wellness?
It’s two things.

Women Talk Money
A community for women, by women, dedicated to closing the gender wealth gap.

Why mental health matters for your money
Your well-being can affect your finances—and vice versa. Here's why.

past emotions

Dealing with Your Past Emotions

Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow
Managing expenses while saving for the future takes planning and practice.

Markets, Emotions, and You
Understanding market cycles and your emotions can help you be a better investor.

How to Make Better Investment Decisions
A small hack can make a big difference.


Spend or Save? Do both!

An Easy Trick for Saving and Spending
It isn’t about managing every penny. Track your money using 3 categories.

The Power Of
A podcast series focused on topics to inspire confidence and decision-making.

Are You a Spender or a Saver?
Learn how to find balance in your approach to saving and spending.

Tips for Raising A Saver
Start teaching kids about money early with our age-appropriate lessons.


Things to Be Mindful Of

Got $5,000? Here's what you could do with it
Here are some options for stashing your cash.

RetirementPlanning w

Emergency Funds: Managing Risk and Uncertainty

5 Financial Things to Review Annually
Plan for your family's future as you review your savings and investment strategies.

How much to save for emergencies
Learn how big your emergency fund should be and where to consider keeping it.

What is an emergency fund?
Here’s what you need to know about emergency funds.

Retirement Process

Financial Wellness Action Plan

5 steps to take control of your finances
If you're unsure about the future, it can make sense to save more and spend less.

What is financial planning?
Learn how a financial plan could help you reach your goals.

The resilience factor
How to apply it to improve your financial life.

Retirement Process

Investing for Retirement Basics

5 Things You Should Know About Target Date Funds
Learn more about target date investment options.

The Fidelity Retirement ScoreSM
Know where you stand for retirement in just 60 seconds.

Diversification through a single fund
There are products that can offer an easy-to-manage diversified portfolio in a single fund.

RetirementPlanning w

Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Stay invested
Don’t risk missing the market’s best days

The Fidelity Retirement ScoreSM
Know where you stand for retirement in just 60 seconds.

What bear markets mean for you and your money
A 20% drop in stocks means we're in a bear market. Here's what you need to know.

Retirement Process

Triumph Over Debt

Market Insights
Market Outlook in Uncertain Times

The debt snowball method vs. the debt avalanche method
Which way to pay off debt is right for you?

How to pick a mortgage: 5 considerations
Which home loan is right for you?

Good vs. bad debt: How to tell the difference
Debt can be your ally or your enemy.

Videos on Debt
Debt can be your ally or your enemy.


Financial Resources and Services

Managing taxes

3 ways to help boost your retirement savings
Find out where you stand to know where to go.

Make the Most of Your Retirement Savings
Find out where you stand to know where to go.

Tackle your financial to-do list
Get clear, simple suggested next steps to help make sure you're on track to achieve your goals.

The Power of Small Amounts
See how a small change can make a big difference.

5 steps to create an estate plan
See ways to help you save on taxes and protect your assets and privacy.

Get a Financial Wellness Checkup

Saving for a Goal
Boost your ability to save for a goal.

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