The Pension Boards is pleased to offer you additional tax inquiry services from our paying bank, Northern Trust.

BENEFIT PAYMENT PARTICIPANT WEB PASSPORT® is a secure portlet that provides immediate and secure access to your benefit payment tax forms.

  • Access to historical 1099-R tax statements;
  • Ability to download or print duplicate 1099-R tax statements.
  • Enroll today to begin using Northern Trust Benefit Payment Participant Web Passport®.
  • Click here and follow the prompt to register (you will see the link to register on the bottom right-hand of the screen). 
  • To complete the enrollment process and ensure your personal information is secure, you will be asked to provide the following information
    • Full Name as it appears on your statement, check or advice
    • Zip Code where your Benefit Payment information is mailed 
    • Social Security Number (for security purposes only) 
    • Payable Date of your most recent payment*
    • Net Amount of your most recent payment*

*You may need to provide your next pay cycle information if attempting to enroll within the last 1-2 weeks of the calendar month.


Do you have questions regarding your 1099-R tax statements? Northern Trust Customer Service agents are available to assist you with your inquiries. Please call Northern Trust at 866-252-5395.

For assistance specifically related to enrollment and password resets for the Benefit Payment Participant Web Passport®, call Northern Trust at 888.259.6835.

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