Duplicate 1099-R Forms and Tax Inquiry Services

The Pension Boards is pleased to offer you additional tax inquiry services from our paying bank, Northern Trust.

To view account, members should follow these simple instructions:

  • Visit Northern Trust’s Benefit Payment Participant Web Passport® at northerntrust.com/bppweb or call 1.888.259.6835.
  • Select My Information to display payment information.
  • Select Deposit (found next to the Payment Date) for a breakdown of the check payment.

If you have never enrolled in the Benefit Payment Participant Web Passport®, you will need to complete the enrollment process. Below is the list of personal information you will need to register:

  • Full Name as it appears on your statement, check, or advice
  • Zip Code where your Benefit Payment information is mailed
  • Social Security Number (for security purposes only)
  • Payable Date of your most recent payment
  • Net Amount of your most recent payment

*You may need to provide your next payment cycle information if attempting to enroll within the last 1-2 weeks of the calendar month.


Do you have questions about your 1099-R tax statements? Northern Trust Customer Service agents are available to assist you with your inquiries. Please call Northern Trust at 1.866.252.5395.

For assistance specifically related to enrollment and password resets for the Benefit Payment Participant Web Passport®, call Northern Trust at 1.888.259.6835.