PBUCC Website Cookies

The Pension Boards uses what is called a “session” cookie when you visit our website.

What is a “Session” cookie?

A website itself cannot track a user’s movement while navigating the site, it treats each new page request as a new request from a new user. Session cookies allow websites to recognize a user within the website as they move between web pages. These cookies tell the server what pages to show the user, so the user doesn’t have to remember where they left off or start navigating the site all over again. Without session cookies, websites have no memory, cookies are necessary and vital for an improved user experience. When you first visit PBUCC.ORG you are asked to accept cookies, when you say yes you are allowing the use of the Session cookie. At the end of your visit to the web site all navigation data is deleted and only the fact that you accept cookies from the PBUCC website is retained on your device, so it is not necessary to repeat that process next time you visit. Acceptance of cookies is specific to the device you are using, if you visit the site from a different device, you will be asked to accept cookies from that device in the same way. Log in information such as user id or password and personal data is not collected or saved.