Developing Close Relationships with Two Communities

My role as Benefit Consultant supports the Iglesia Evangélica Unida de Puerto Rico (IEUPR) and Ryder Hospital employees. The role allows me to serve as a liaison between the Pension Boards and Puerto Rico, providing updates and communications on key topics. I consult with current and potential members or employers to facilitate their registration and plan participation process. By doing so, I become aware of the needs of our members in Puerto Rico, and help identify areas of opportunity to improve our member experience. The best way to help our members is to be intentional about listening to their needs, and for our actions to reflect the value they hold for us.

“The best way to help our members is to be intentional on listening to their needs, and for our actions to reflect the value they represent to us.”

After Hurricane Maria in 2022, I was privileged to assist with processing hardship distributions for those affected by the storm. Being able to go to someone who identifies with your experiences, whether good or bad, makes you feel more confident. That's how our members in Puerto Rico feel. They know that the Pension Boards has provided them the resources to address their unique challenges throughout their financial journey.

I work at both the IEUPR and Ryder Hospital offices several days a week, and have established a direct and close relationship with both communities. I am accessible to members when they have questions about how the retirement plan works, provide help accessing their accounts to monitor their investments, and make necessary adjustments.

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Apart from the variety of administrative processes and member relations, I also facilitate webinars in Spanish; provide in-person presentations to update Ryder employees on the amendments made to the plan by partnering with Fidelity; and I promote the financial planning seminars and services offered by Fidelity to increase the participation of our Hispanic audience.

I have helped in the translation of many documents into Spanish so that we now have a Spanish resources webpage for our Spanish-speaking members.

I am grateful that I can serve my people by being part of a first-class organization like the Pension Boards. Without a doubt, it has been an incredible experience about which I feel increasingly proud, especially regarding the results we are achieving for our members in Puerto Rico and the Hispanic community at large.

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Taisha M. Rivera Cruz, Associate, Benefit Consultant.
Taisha began working with the Pension Boards in August 2022. She is responsible for identifying new clients/business and facilitating the enrollment process for current and prospective members in Iglesia Evangelica Unida de Puerto Rico, Ryder Memorial Hospital, and other UCC-related entities in Puerto Rico.