Rejoice in the Coming Fall


 Rev. Bruce G. Epperly, PhD

I don’t know about you, but despite the fact that ministry and congregational life are twelve-month enterprises, every September was a new beginning in the church year for me. Old-school congregations proclaimed the first day of the church year “Rally Day.” Others described the Sunday after Labor Day as “A Day of New Beginnings.” This year, the UCC is inviting people to proclaim “Rejoice in our Welcome” on September 10.

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Building Relationships, Engaging In Strategic Planning

Life, Passion, and Mission: Pension Boards’ Staff
Brian R. Bodager, President and Chief Executive Officer

Brian Bodager

Outside of the Pension Boards, family is very important. Spending time with my children and grandchildren is my greatest passion and top priority. Travel is also a passion. In the next year, we plan to travel to Northern Europe and to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands for pleasure. Business travel will take me to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Illinois, and several other states. Travel to the Middle East to visit partners is being considered. Additionally, I am a golfer and tennis player, always working on my skills. Recently, I took up pickleball as a substitute for tennis.

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Take Control: Plan for Your Retirement

Baheru Mengistu
PBUCC Pension Counselor

Like planning for other major phases of life, planning your ideal retirement is going to be affected by elements beyond your control. Thankfully, there are several decisions and steps you can take that are directly in your control.

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Dipping Your Toe Back into Ministry

lady front church

 Rev. Bruce G. Epperly, PhD

In their “retirement” years, many pastors return to congregational ministries as interim ministers, supply preachers, pastoral caregivers, or bridge or sabbatical replacements. Some do so for financial reasons: to supplement their pensions and Social Security or to have extra money for travel or home improvement. Others return to ministerial settings because they simply enjoy doing ministry or, in the case of some short-term or interim or bridge positions, to spend several months in a place of beauty or excitement.

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Caroline Corrigan O’Hare – Newly Appointed Head of Marketing & Sales, Joins The Pension Boards, UCC, Inc.

June 30, 2023

Caroline Corrigan O'Hare HeadshotCaroline Corrigan O’Hare, a marketing executive with two decades of experience, has been named Head of Marketing and Sales for the Pension Boards-United Church of Christ (PBUCC), effective June 30, 2023.

Reporting to the EVP & Chief Administrative Officer, Corrigan O’Hare will serve as a brand ambassador for the Pension Boards. In this newly-created role, she will be responsible for building and leading a marketing and sales team to build awareness of the Pension Boards products, programs, and services and drive growth among both current and potential customers.

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Keeping the Little Grey Cells Active

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 Rev. Bruce G. Epperly, PhD

One of the iconic scenes regularly enacted in the novel and televised versions of Agatha Christie’s “Hercule Poirot” involves Poirot pointing to his head and saying: “It is the brain, the little grey cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within—not without.” Elsewhere, the detective notes that “in the little grey cells of the brain lie the solution to every mystery.”

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The Pension Boards–UCC, Inc. adds Sustainable Climate Policy to Investment Policy Statement

New York (June 26, 2023) Brian R. Bodager, President and CEO of the Pension Boards-United Church of Christ (PBUCC) has announced the addition of a new Sustainable Climate Policy to the PBUCC’s Investment Policy Statement. This announcement comes on the 10th anniversary of the passage of the United Church of Christ’s 2013 General Synod resolution urging divestment from fossil fuel companies in the effort to address climate change.

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The Pension Boards Publishes the 2023 Diversity in Our Workplace Report

New York (June 16, 2023) – Brian R. Bodager, President and CEO of the Pension Boards-United Church of Christ (PBUCC) and Walter A. Reyes, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, have announced the publication of PBUCC’s 2023 Diversity in Our Workplace, a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) report, detailing the organization’s progress in advancing goals set in 2022.

In addition to providing year-over-year updates in the areas of governance, social and racial justice, talent acquisition, pay equity, partnerships, and socially responsible investing, the new report, themed “In Our Words,” centers around the Pension Boards’ organizational Cultural Transformation Journey, begun in 2020, and features the personal reflections of both staff and members of the Board of Trustees on their experiences.

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The Lifetime Retirement Income Plan for the United Church of Christ is on the Move!

logo fidelity color med

We are excited to announce that the Pension Boards has chosen Fidelity Investments® as the new provider of recordkeeping services for the Lifetime Retirement Income Plan for the United Church of Christ (Plan), also known as the Annuity Plan for the United Church of Christ. A recordkeeper tracks and reports on retirement plan assets, account balances, contributions, and investment mix and performance. Your current mix of investments and investment options will not change as we transition our recordkeeping services to Fidelity.

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