Highmark recognizes how important it is to help those affected by natural disasters, so we’re putting temporary program changes into effect for those who are affected by Hurricane Florence. For those who reside in areas where States of Emergency have been declared, the following waivers have been put in place:

* To ensure you are not inconvenienced, we will review all impacted claims that are incurred during this time. We look forward to assisting you in this important effort to ensure that you have continued access to quality health care despite such challenging circumstances.

* Teladoc is providing members with assistance. This service extends beyond current Teladoc eligibility, and is available to any individual impacted during this time.

Teladoc is offering access to general medical care at no charge for residents of the evacuation zones impacted by Hurricane Florence.

To receive care, affected individuals should call the designated hotline (855-756-8708) or visit teladoc.com/Florence for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What can Teladoc be used for?

A: Teladoc connects you with 24/7 access to care for many non-emergency illnesses, especially when you can't get an appointment with your primary care doctor due to home displacement or medical offices being temporarily closed.

Q: Can I get a prescription?

A: Our doctors can write prescriptions, when medically necessary, for new ailments as well as your ongoing medications available at your pharmacy of choice.

Q: Will we grant care free of charge to residents of affected areas, but not in an evacuation zone?

A: Yes

Q: If I'm eligible for Teladoc and register through this service, will I need to re-register at a later date?

A: Yes, eligible members that register through this mechanism will need to re-register with their existing group account to use Teladoc in the future.

Q: How do those impacted request care through Teladoc?

A: During this time, those impacted should call the number above to request a doctor visit.

Q: How long will this service be available?

A: We will continue to monitor the weather situation and provide you with any relevant updates to this service offering. In the meantime, contact your Teladoc account manager with any questions you may have.


Have you ever walked out of a doctor’s office and forgot to ask a question about a symptom you’ve been having, or brought home a new medication and couldn’t remember if you were supposed to take it with a meal?

A little preparation before your next visit can help you ensure you’re getting the most out of your doctor visits, and ensure you’re being an active participant in your health – saving you time, money and worry. You can get more from your doctor visits by following these tips:

Before you go…

  • Choose the right doctor. Check if your provider is in your health plan’s network, how long it takes to get an appointment, and if they’re available for medical issues after hours.
  • Create a list of questions you want answered. Prioritize the list to ensure you ask the most important questions first.
  • Bring a record of your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and supplements you take regularly, as well as the names and contact information of other doctors you see.
  • Take along a personal health record and other pertinent information to share.
  • Ask someone to go with you to take notes or to be a second set of ears.

While at the visit…

  • Arrive on time. Your appointment allots you a specific amount of time with the doctor.
  • Be open and honest. Sometimes it can feel awkward to discuss certain things with your doctor. Being truthful and forthcoming can help your doctor better assess your needs.
  • Share your history. Your personal and family health history may offer the doctor insight into how to manage your care.
  • Get the details about tests, procedures and treatments. Ask about side effects and when to expect test results.
  • Listen actively to your doctor to demonstrate that you are a partner in your care.

In most cases, parents should carry life insurance for as long as their children depend on them financially. This is particularly true for single parents, especially those who are their children’s sole provider. It’s important to make sure that if you were to die, there would be enough resources available to support your children until they’re able to earn a living on their own.

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Every adult needs certain estate plan documents. Among the essential documents for protecting the financial and emotional well-being of your loved ones are a will; beneficiary designations for life insurance, retirement plans, and IRAs; powers of attorney; and a living will. Making sure your beneficiary designations are up to date and creating a will should be your top priorities, as these items form the foundation of your estate plan. And, if you’re a single parent, a will plays an even more important role than usual in your estate plan.

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