Watch the Second Leg!

second leg

 Rev. Bruce G. Epperly, PhD

As we grow older, we need to join passion with prudence. New possibilities emerge and so do novel pitfalls. The great “yes” of the future needs to be balanced by the counsel, “handle with care.” We need to be bold and inventive and careful about the next steps we take, both literally and figuratively. A seventy-year-old friend of ours sprained her ankle while putting on her pants one morning. Hopping on one foot as she attempted to pull up the second leg, she fell over, much to her pain and embarrassment. As Kate, my wife of nearly forty-four years, reflected on our friend’s mishap, she noted that “retirement is really the second leg of a good and hopefully long life.”

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Customer Call Center Availability During the Week of July 18

The Pension Boards will be hosting several company-wide events during the week of July 18, 2022, and as a result, our Customer Care Representatives (1.800.642.6543) may not be available to answer your calls during certain times. Your call is very important to us, so please leave your message. We will return your call as soon as possible.

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Q&A on Bear Markets

Bear market pic

Learn the bear markets basics in this Q&A article which highlights the causes of bear markets in a slowing economy. Read more.